Limitation of Liability
Kwikmove Couriers Services shall not be held responsible for other damages, comprising but not restricted to ethical and exemplary damages, unfulfilled income, and the like.
Kwikmove shall not be held responsible for events outside our reasonable control, such as acts of God, hostilities, calamities, consignor's and/or consignor's representative's misdeed, misapprehend and/or neglectfulness, consignee's and/or consignee's representative's misdeed, misapprehend and/or neglectfulness, natural defect of products, government and industrial actions which may cause substantial delays, loss and damage of shipment.
Kwikmove liability is restricted to a maximum of Two Thousand Pesos (Php 2,000.00) per shipment, unless the Consignor will pay for the additional shipment insurance and declare a higher value. The maximum declared value per shipment, in no case will transcend the amount of Ten Thousand Pesos (Php 10,000.00). No declared value liability of Kwikmove shall be restricted to the refund of shipping cost. Declared value liability of Kwikmove shall be restricted to the value indicated in the Kwikmove official waybill.
In case of claims for loss or damage of shipment, request must be made with the central office of Kwikmove located in the City of Pasig, Metro Manila, within the given time frame of twenty-four hours (24) from acceptance of shipment. All other claims must be made within the given time frame of seven (7) days from acceptance of shipment, otherwise, complaints shall be considered relinquished and/or waived.
To the exception of all other counts, locale of all legal actions shall be in the bona fide court of law of Pasig City, Metro Manila only.

Consignor unconditionally warrants, that:
1. The consignment and/or shipment does not contain: * Precious stones and jewelries, any forms of cash and currencies. * Important documentations such as, but not restricted to passport, visas, land titles, certificates, licenses, receipts, and the like. * Forbidden items such as, but not restricted to ammunitions and guns, drugs, pirated items, explosives, hazardous chemicals and flammable items.
In case of infringement of this warranty, Consignor shall cooperate with Kwikmove in justifying itself should any claim be brought against it in relation hereby and, will not hold Kwikmove with any liability becoming apparent, and/or in relation with the same, without damage to the liability of Consignor to compensate Kwikmove for all charges incurred in making such defense, comprising but not restricted to costs of lawsuit and attorney's fees, without further damage to other available remedies to Kwikmove against Consignor under equity and jurisprudence.
2. The parcel is secured in his/her attendance and that the contents are undamaged.
3. Kwikmove is accredited by Consignor to, at its option, to unwrap and examine the parcel in the presence of the consignor, consignee, their respective accredited representatives, or government authorities before acceptance of the shipment or even the time that the parcel is in the care of Kwikmove.
4. Proper contents and/or value of the shipment is properly described on the waybill.
5. All details given and/or written is accurate. Shipping address of Consignee should be inaccurate, Consignor shall be held responsible and shall cover the charges for the return, re-shipment and/or other fees to be incurred as an outcome of the said misinterpretation.
6. Any fragile items such as glass and electronic gadgets and/or appliances must be distinguished as such and be appropriately parceled or crated for shipment to avoid damage that would become apparent in the normal handling of shipment., otherwise, any claim for damage or loss against such shipment shall be refused.
7. All relevant regulations, comprising but not restricted to the procurement of required document/s from appropriate offices have been complied with by Consignor in relation with this and/or the contents of the shipment. 8. Consignor agrees that Kwikmove shall be a lien on any and all products dispatched for the payment of unsettled delivery charges and/or other fees.
9. All the date and time of shipment to the consignee or any person inhabiting or found in the address provided or adequate discretion are duly accredited as representatives to act for and on behalf of the Consignee and any and all action/s of said person/s is obligatory on the Consignee and Consignor, containing but not restricted to the signing of the Waybill and the acceptance of the parcel.
10. Within the day for shipment, consignee or any person inhabiting or found in the address provided or adequate discretion is available to collect the shipment and the acceptance of parcel of the said person is accredited by Consignee and Consignor and is considered as complete delivery.
11. Consignor, Consignee and their respective representatives shall hold Kwikmove free from any liability becoming apparent from the damage of loss or delay in shipment that is not attributable to the solitary fault of Kwikmove.
12. In any case, non-delivery of the shipment or refusal to receive by consignee of the shipment, the Consignor must, within time frame of thirty (30) days from acceptance therefrom by Kwikmove, claim the said shipment. Otherwise, Kwikmove shall be accredited to discard of the shipment in a method it sees fit or to charge storage fees to Consignor or claimant, among others. Consignor thus accredited and entitled Kwikmove as its/his/her attorney-in-fact to accomplish the same. Since this authorization is granted with interest, the same is unchangeable.
13. Due to the delay in delivery caused by the absence of consignee or any person of adequate discretion in the address given by Consignor who will accept or receive the shipment, Consignor shall hold Kwikmove free from any liability
14. Consignor has the solitary responsibility to confirm the status of delivery of the shipment within the time frame of seven (7) days from date of acceptance therefrom by Kwikmove.
15. Upon affixing of signature of Consignor or Consignor's accredited representative in this Waybill, Consignor has completely read and understood the content of this contract and freely acts the terms and conditions indicated.

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